The Governor Of Oklahoma Lends His Support To Ron DeSantis In His First Bid For Governor

ron desantis

On Saturday, the Republican Governor of Oklahoma Kevin Stitt endorsed Republican presidential contender and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for governor for the first time. Before DeSantis spoke in Oklahoma, Kevin declared that Ron DeSantis is perhaps the right person to beat President for the upcoming eight years.

Stitt Believes That It Was Time To Move On And Ron DeSantis Was The Right Man For Change

Stitt emphasized DeSantis’ management of the pandemic outbreak and contended that his stint as governor of Florida demonstrates his leadership talent. Ron DeSantis didn’t give up states’ rights and personal liberty to groupthink, according to Stitt, a fellow governor at COVID. The state-wide prohibition on mask requirements was enacted by both governors. Ron DeSantis, as a seasoned leader, “has confidently delivered for the residents of Florida who laid the foundation for a thriving economy, along with a systematic education centered on the student and better structures for working households,” Stitt said. He continued by expressing his confidence in DeSantis’ ability to produce the same in America. One of Ron DeSantis’ most well-known advertisements to date is Stitt. DeSantis has so far won the confidence of four Republicans in Congress. This is even though the majority of Republicans are endorsing former president Donald Trump.

The support of DeSantis, according to Stitt, doesn’t have anything against Trump but it was time for a change. Stitt added, “President Trump performed a tremendous job during his time. I backed him in 2016 and 2020. We require a president who is capable of serving for 8 years.” He further added that the nation needed somebody to put up against Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis was the only one who can defeat him. The nation needed to move on, according to him, even though both Presidents did a fantastic job. 

Stitt stated that while he fully supports DeSantis, he would eventually support whoever secures the Republican nominee.