FedEx Truck Accidents: More Common Than You Think 

FedEx Truck
FedEx Truck

FedEx trucks are a pretty ordinary sight on the road and given their sheer mass and frequency in residential neighborhoods, we place a lot of trust in FedEx drivers to be as safe as possible. Unfortunately, FedEx truck accidents are a lot more common than you may think. 

Dangers On The Road 

Weighing in at over 13 tons, FedEx trucks are involved in nearly a thousand accidents a year, which works out to at least two per day.  

Most accidents involving FedEx trucks and their drivers involve: 

  • Driver distraction, including texting or talking on the phone; 
  • Backing into or sideswiping parked vehicles; 
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol; 
  • Road rage; 
  • Driver fatigue; 
  • Bad road conditions, exacerbated by weather; 
  • Poor visibility.

You can read more about the exact statistics involving different types of trucks and buses and their accident frequencies on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website here. 

Consequences of a Crash Involving a FedEx Truck 

While less than twenty of the accidents involving a FedEx truck prove fatal each year, there are a number of serious consequences that can result in an accident with a truck of this size.  

A crash with a truck as big as a FedEx delivery vehicle can very well total your car. This means that the damage to the car is more than than the actual resale value. But when dealing with an accident of this scope, car damage may be your least concern. 

Injuries resulting from an accident with a FedEx truck may include: 

  • Whiplash; 
  • Internal bleeding; 
  • Broken bones and ribs; 
  • Concussion and traumatic brain injury; 
  • Severe lacerations requiring stitches; 
  • Neck injury; 
  • Damage to your spine.

It is essential that anyone who has been involved in an accident involving a truck this size seek medical attention after the crash. Even if you don’t have visible wounds, it is important to see a doctor soon after the accident to ensure that you do not have hidden injuries that will become dangerous later on. 

For example, bruising around the abdomen, while it may not be incredibly painful right away, could be an indicator of internal bleeding. This is a life-threatening condition that will require surgical intervention. It does not get better on its own.  

Many people are reluctant to see a doctor after a car accident because they are worried about not being able to pay their medical bills. In an accident involving a FedEx truck, insurance is going to cover your medical expenses, so don’t neglect the opportunity to get the care that you need.  

What to Do After an Accident Involving a FedEx Truck 

Call 911 immediately if you, the other driver, or any of your passengers require urgent medical assistance. Once that is out of the way, assess the damage to your vehicle, and take photographs of the damage.  

Next, get the driver’s name and contact information, and write down or photograph all relevant FedEx and personal information, including driver’s license, license plate number, and any insurance information they have on them.  

Because FedEx trucks are so large and an accident involving one will likely block traffic, the police are probably going to be on the scene to assist, even if no one is seriously hurt. Be sure to take down the name, badge number, and phone number of the responding officer at the scene. You will need to follow up with them in the coming days to get a copy of the police report that they file about the accident.  

Seek Legal Advice 

If you are unsure of your legal standing, are having difficulty with or getting unsatisfactory offers from the insurance company, or want to take further legal action, consider contacting an experienced truck accident lawyer 

Having a lawyer represent you, especially when dealing with a big company like FedEx, is certainly going to yield a better outcome for you in terms of the possible settlement offer that you may accept. You will also need a lawyer if you decide to file suit. Do not try to pursue a lawsuit without an attorney, as the chances of success while going it solo are very slim.