SNOW (NYSE: SNOW) Rated “Hold” By General Consensus


The general rating of “hold” has been reported for Snowflake Inc. (NYSE: SNOW). There are twenty-seven brokerages that are keeping an eye on the stock. Of them, fifteen have rated it as “hold”. The yearly target price for the share stands at $284.92.

A “neutral” rating was repeated by the Goldman Sachs Group. $270.00 is their target price estimate. The research note was dated March 4th. The rating of “hold” was assigned by Zacks Investment Group, lowering it from “buy”. This was on February 6th. On January 13th, Smith Barney Citigroup increased its target price to a value of $325.00. The target price was also lifted to $275 by Stifel Nicolaus. It had issued the “hold” rating on December 3rd. The “hold” rating was also repeated by Cannacord Genuity with a target price of $275 on December 2nd.

25,563 shares have been sold by Christopher William Degnan, CRO of the company, on March 8th. $229.07 was the average selling price. The total sale amounted to $5,855,716.41. Mark Garrett, the Director, also sold shares with a quantity of 47,186 on March 5th with $250 being the average selling price.

Snowflake Inc. (NYSE: SNOW) Trajectory In The Market

NYSE: SNOW had a value of $227.11 at the beginning of Thursday. The yearly lowest and highest of the stock stands at $208.55 and $429 respectively. $279.26 is the fifty-day moving average for the stock. The company’s latest earnings were posted Tuesday. An EPS of $0.70 was reported, overshooting the general estimate of $0.17. It had reported a profit worth $190.50M, more than the $178.64M estimated. An EPS of -1.77 is estimated for this year.

Institutional investment firms have been changing their percentage of stock of the company. RBF Capital LLC, Hudson Bay Capital Management LP, Amundi Pioneer Asset Management Inc, Norges Bank, and Tru Independence LLC all acquired new stakes of SNOW in the final quarter.

Snowflake Inc. is a provider of cloud-technology based data platform. It operates both in the US and worldwide. The service provided by the firm allows users to better handle data and extract usable information more efficiently. It is involved in a range of industries of varying sizes.