Biden Bashed Oil Companies For War Profiteering, Gave Warning Of Windfall Taxes Upon Profit

oil companies
A few blocks from my house is the El Segundo Chevron oil refinery. Three police cars came while I was taking this photograph. They were very nice, and given that I was outside the premises, there is nothing illegal about it.

Democrats proposed legislation in spring that’d charge significant oil firms for unforeseen gains and provide customers with a rebate.

After oil firms reported massive profits on Mon, Mr. President accused oil sectors of “war profiteering” and encouraged Congress to slap a windfall taxation on the sector if it fail to reduce consumer costs.

Biden’s criticism of the oil companies, whose profits have soared as oil companies and gas prices have risen this year due to restricted supply as the economy is recovering from the epidemic and disruptions in oil supplies following Russian invasion in Ukraine, was at its strongest yet. However, his demand is most likely in vain because Congress won’t assemble until the election that would be anticipated to give Republicans a majority in at least one congressional chamber and because it is doubtful that the plan will garner enough political backing even within his party.

Biden Bashed The Oil Companies For Their Recent War Profiteering:

He renewed his plea to the oil companies to look past “the shallow self-interest” of the shareholders and executives and utilize the rising earnings to expand oil production and processing capacity.

Oil companies like Exxon Mobil, Shell Oil, and Chevron on its own announced revenue and profit of approximately $40 bn last week.

Congressional Democrats who presented bill months earlier to tax the earnings of huge gas and oil companies may be frustrated by Biden’s lack of backing for any measure, which could be frustrating to Biden. The strategy has also been used by Dem candidates competing in competitive districts and states.

Instead, Biden stated that he will engage with House on legislation alternatives after the elections when it reconvenes from recess.

The new calls, according to business organizations and the oil companies, are a political attack on the businesses that Biden has attacked since his candidacy and won’t help lower prices.

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