Socialite Jasmine Hartin Admits Shooting San Pedro Superintendent

jasmine hartin
jasmine hartin

Jasmine Hartin is a Canadian socialite and the wife of billionaire Lord Ashcroft’s son Andrew Ashcroft. According to some media reports, Hartin acknowledged the incidental gun down of Henry Jemmott, Superintendent of San Pedro. Jasmine at the beginning of the questioning stated that Jemmott was shot dead in the early hours of Friday. She further stressed the fact that a stranger from a boat nearby shot Henry dead. 

Jasmine Hartin Was Refusing To Talk

Later on, after further questioning by the Police, Hartin agreed to disclose the information that she was supposedly hiding. This move by Jasmine came after the local authorities stated that they would charge her for cocaine possession. Disclosing more details Jasmine Hartin said that the shooting incident took place when she was giving a massage to the top cop. Both of them were intoxicated with alcohol when Jasmine shot him accidentally. 

Hartin said that she was handing the Glock pistol to Henry when the incident took place. Hartin further claims that once shot Henry fell down upon her. Panicking Jasmine wanted to push him off as a result of which Jemmott fell down into the waterbody. Henry’s family has raised concern over the story stated by Hartin. The family also raised their hesitation regarding the service pistol having a built-in trigger safety.

Henry Jemmott, a father of his five children was a 24-year veteran of police. He will have a funeral on the 12th of June by the state. Jasmine Hartin faces the charges of negligent manslaughter till any other new development crops up. Former attorney general Godfrey Smith will represent Jasmine Hartin in court. Jasmine Hartin reportedly lived with her husband in Belize. She was the director of a luxury resort developed and owned by her husband.