Years After Marilyn Monroe’s Demise, Billy Wilder Talks About “Some Like It Hot”

marilyn monroe
marilyn monroe

1st June 2021, marks the 95th birth anniversary of ace actress Marilyn Monroe. In the lifespan of mere 36 years, Monroe battled with brittle psychological well-being and ill-health. She also suffered the loss of her unborn child with playwright husband Arthur Miller. Dealing with all this Marilyn Monroe made a comeback to movies after taking an 18-month break. In April 1958 Monroe returned to the world of cinema with “Variety”.

Marilyn Monroe’s Role In The Film

Marilyn Monroe essayed the character of a Ukulele player of a band named Sugar “Kane” Kowalczyk in the black and white romantic comedy. The plot of the film revolved around two men pretending as women who join an all girl’s band. The film, a laborious effort by the production and cast later changed its title to “Some Like It Hot”. This film remains Monroe’s one of most critically acclaimed works as an emotionally troubled band singer.

Marilyn Monroe’s spectacular and stellar performance in the film was one of the most highlighted aspects of the film. Many articles in the past have stated that it was almost superhuman of Monroe to complete this film. Marilyn Monroe was battling her fear of the stage and mental as well as emotional problems while shooting for this film. As a result of which Monroe would miss the shoots quite often. 

An artist as capable as Marilyn Monroe was found fumbling between her lines. The media at this point materialized Monroe as a commodity. Most of the attention of the media was now shifted to Marilyn’s personal life. A constant contrast between her and the director Billy Wilder was also a topic of discussion at that time. The tension between the two built upon the portrayal of the character played by Monroe.