Sofia Carson, Star Of Purple Hearts, Was Afraid To Write A Soundtrack That Would Make Her Mother Cry

Sofia Carson

Writing and making music are certainly not new to Sofia Carson; she has been doing it for a long time. But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t terrified of her mind when she contributed to the creation of the original lyrics for the whole “Purple Hearts” soundtrack.

Her mother can attest that she was terrified she laughed as she told TheWrap that she had called her several times while crying. Who would have believed that she could pull this off? Who believed she could handle it? she has never before created a soundtrack!

The Netflix movie, available to stream right now, chronicles the tale of Cassie and Luke (Nicholas Galitzin). who, despite initially loathing one another, get married under a military contract. He is on his way to his first tour as a Marine and is a rising musician. The issue is that type 1 diabetes affects people. who lacks health insurance and Luke, who is in recovery from addiction. He owed his previous dealer a sizable sum of money for it. The advantages of Luke‘s military insurance are Cassie’s under their marriage. For aid with expenditures, while he is stationed, Luke receives a monthly supplemental allowance.

Why are they so incompatible? Luke is a conservative man who initially criticizes Cassie for bringing up the concept of a fake marriage, while Cassie is a highly liberal lady. They have very different worldviews and approaches to problem-solving. Whereas Luke is polished and put together, Cassie is unrestrained and uninhibited. Their divergent perspectives also greatly aided Sofia Carson in writing the songs that would sing, although this adds drama to the plot itself.

Cassie Was Cited By Sofia Carson As Her Toughest Acting Challenge

Sofia Carson referred to Cassie as the greatest difficulty as an actor, stating that to capitulate fully to the part, he had to find Cassie within herself.  She continues, and that was one of the most lovely moments I’ve had as an actor.

She continued by expressing her gratitude for Liz, who was such a zealot for honesty and the truth in every facet of this movie. The main focus of this is, of course, that they wouldn’t leave until the words coming out of her lips seem like they are coming from her. For four years before Cassie was physically present, she had the privilege of being by her side and helping her construct it.

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