Republican Leaders Started Defending Former President

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The manhattan attorney has been trying to frame the former president in a hush money transaction. The former president was even asked to appear in front of the grand jury. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has said the manhattan district attorney’s action against the former president will be taken into account. Alvin Bragg perhaps misused his power to drag Trump through the mud.No one could tell why the Republican Leaders suddenly change their tone.

Republican Leaders Were The First To File Charges Against Former President

Two Republican Leaders have called this act of Alvin Bragg outrageous. They further declared this act misusing the power of democrats against their former party members. The extremist democrats are putting Trump on the criminal stand for their own sake.

One of the Republican Leaders Elise Stefanik said this is a political witch hunt. The political system has gone down the hill. The dark time in America has arrived.

The former president is perhaps very happy that the majority of the Republican Leaders are looking into the matter. Not only they are trying to get him out of the false charges, but they also are not even disclosing the details to the public.

On Thursday former president Trump also called the supportive Republican  Leaders who are willing to defend him. They have been precisely asked by the former president to investigate the Manhattan district attorney’s office. The information was disclosed by one of the GOP leaders who were a part of the conversation.

Trump has told his allies he has been planning to fight against that district attorney. The news of the indictment broke just before the easter break. They believe Capitol Hall was quiet and Republican Leaders were louder. Their voice echoed in the halls of Capitol hill and they were deafening.