Sofia Vergara Celebrates Birth Anniversary, Husband Dedicates Special Message

sofia vergara
sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara’s celebration of her 49th birth anniversary just got better. Her husband shared pictures on Instagram and also quoted an adorable message for her. He expressed his love for his wife by posting in Spanish. 

Sofia Vergara Showered In Love, Husband Makes Her Birthday Even More Special 

It was the day of Sofie Vergara. The celebration of her birthday saw people shower her with love and best wishes. Sarah Hyland, who is a co-worker of Vergara, stated that the world belonged to Sofia. 

But it was her husband whose expression of love left everyone adoring their chemistry. The 44-year-old actor posted a series of pretty pictures of Sofia. He wished in Spanish a very happy birthday. He also stated that she was his only love.

Sofie Vergara & her husband got married in 2015  November. They got married in a Resort named Breakers. The resort was located at Florida’s Palm Beach. The first link-up of the two was via an interview. 

Apart from her husband, her co-worker Sarah also heaped love on her. The bonding between both of them was quite strong. They became friends while a sitcom that won the Award Emmy. The sitcom lasted for almost 11 fun seasons over 9 long years. 

Vergara did not seem to be the only one celebrating though. They adopted a baby puppy as a part of their family. The 49-year-old actress shared pictures of their pet doggie. The little puppy also celebrated his birthday. A beautiful cake that had pink-colored roses as decoration looked adorable. 

Sofia Vergara started her excitement about their doggie. She said she was very much fond of her husband. Her husband was very much attentive towards the little one. He treated her as if it was his daughter.