Lisa Murkowski Accuses Donald Trump Of Verbally Threatening His Opponents

lisa murkowski
lisa murkowski

Lisa Murkowski brought a serious allegation against the former US President on Friday. While being interviewed, Murkowski stated that Donald Trump tried to verbally dominate anyone who tried to spoke against him.

Lisa Murkowski Afraid Of Trump, Concerned About The Upcoming Impacts On Alaska

Lisa Murkowski expressed serious concerns following the statement made by Donald Trump. The former US President allegedly seemed to threaten all those who went against him. He even threatened his party members and asked them not to differ from his ideals. This statement made Lisa fear the consequences of the upcoming Senate elections.

The accomplished politician has now served the country for almost 19 years. However, she was not sure whether she will be reappearing for her election or not. Lisa Murkowski acknowledged the people for whom she devoted her service. She also added that the kind of service she provides is not at all a walk in the Park. Although Trump did not seem satisfied with her work, Lisa asked the Alaskans to answer that.

Donald Trump in the meantime has already started promotions. He supported the endorsement of his candidate Kelly Tshibaka. He felt she was the best person to win over Lisa. Trump clarified his point on why he thought Kelly was qualified for the task. He said that Kelly Tshibaka was someone who had very high regard for America. She also possesses virtues in her that could connect her with the people of Alaska even more. 

Lisa Murkowski strongly criticized the attack which took place on 6th January we’re deliberate. She stated that they were not just mere supporters but were violent goons. She supported her statement by saying that the intensity of the attacks pointed to the fact that it was pretty much deliberate.