Manager Solskjaer Defends Van De Beek’s FA Cup Performance Against Former Man Utd. Star Hughes’ Claims

FA Cup
FA Cup

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer recently defended Donny van de Beek’s performance in the FA Cup. He was evidently impressed by his game even though van de Beek did not trigger creative sparks like Paul Pogba or Bruno Fernandes.

Man Utd. Had a 1-0 FA Cup win this Tuesday, February 9th. The players were under a lot of pressure for the entirety of the game but they managed an extra goal in extra time snatching the Cup from the Hammers.

The Ajax star Van de Beek was also signed in a $46 million deal with Man Utd. after the game for the upcoming summer season. However, several others are critical of this decision including the former Man Utd. star Mark Hughes. He feels that van de Beek’s performance needs a lot of improvement. He is of the opinion that his performance was ineffective and lacked the quality that is needed to make an important space in Solskjaer’s team.

Mark Hughes Disappointed In Van De Beek Despite FA Cup Win

In a statement made by the ex-star mentions that there is a possibility that the rest of the players don’t trust him enough with the ball. The hattrick FA Cup winner said, “You just sense…it looks like they don’t trust him with the ball yet”. He further mentions that Van de Beek needs to improve in a lot of areas. He said in an interview that the player doesn’t show much movement in the field. He is yet to brush his movements in small pockets of spaces. That, according to Hughes, is Van de Beek’s biggest lack to date.

Hughes was being a harsh critic of the 28-year-old player saying that he is disappointed in the field. He fails to realize that he is playing for a team as huge as Manchester United. Despite the FA Cup win, he needs to show more than what he is showing presently.

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