Priyanka Chopra Opens Up About Her Experiences Of Racism, Sexism And Bullying In Her Industry

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

The Bollywood and currently Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently opened up about experiences from her childhood and her time in the entertainment industry while talking about her recently-released memoir, Unfinished.

The actor openly talks about issues like racism, sexism, bullying, and so on that, she had to face to get where she is today. Priyanka’s narrative remains a beacon of hope for those who wish to overcome these issues in life to get ahead.

Chopra Jonas talks about how she was called out by her uncle for her skin tone. She was darker than the rest of her family members and throughout her childhood, she has had to face discrimination based on her color from close relatives and family members.

This, alongside the Indian obsession with fairness, led her to apply fairness creams from a very young age. She was always conscious of her color and recently confessed that she had even gone for treatments to lighten her tone.

Priyanka Chopra’s Father Helped Her Through Her Difficult Times

Priyanka Chopra further mentioned that her life in the US was not easier in any way. When she attended high school in the US, her peers called her out to “go back to your country”. She said that it became difficult to keep her self-worth intact after such instances. Priyanka Chopra talks about the deeper issues of racism and sexism that she had to face throughout her life in her newly released book, Unfinished.

The actor now says that she learned to question everything happening around her from a young age. She would often ask the question, “why are you trying to clip my wings?” Priyanka also dedicated a lot of her interview to her father. She said that it would be impossible for her to overcome all her issues in life without the support of her father.

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