Sophia Bush Marries Grant Hughes

Sophia Bush
Sophia Bush

The actress Sophia Bush has tied the knot.

The City-County Clerk’s Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, verified on Monday that Sophia bush and Grant Hughes tied the knot there.

The second copy of their marriage license was provided to them by the county clerk on Monday. The information was sketchy at best.

Sophia Bush Shares Her Feelings In A Photo

When asked for comment, Bush’s representatives declined.

Oklahoma native and FocusMotion co-founder Hughes became engaged to Sophia Bush in August. Pictures of the actress’s engagement proposal on Lake Como in Italy were posted on her Instagram account.

Bush accompanied a picture of her soon-to-be-husband on one knee by writing, “So it seems that being your favorite person’s favorite person is the finest feeling on planet Earth.” It explodes.”

Hughes shared a picture of them cuddling on the yacht in his post to share in the joy of the news. Always and Forever, she will be my #1. To put it simply, I love this. I already love the life we are creating together since she said “Yes.” He gushed, “I am SO Thrilled to be doing life with u, my darling.

In May 2020, E! News published photographs of the Good Sam star and Hughes holding hands while walking in Malibu, sparking romance rumors between the two.

Since then, the pair have openly shown their love for one another and posted several images of themselves together and on social media. Hughes sent a touching homage to Bush in January, just before the release of Good Sam, writing, “My baby, I couldn’t be prouder of you.”

To quote Sam, “You have given him life. You have seen open heart operations, studied piano, ran through clinics, gotten close at odd hours to commute to work, and brought your skill, compassion, and work and effort to a personality with a devotion that only is satiated by perfection,” he said. And Sam, with all her strengths and flaws, is a masterpiece. It is been lovely seeing you and being able to back you up. To my sweetheart, best wishes. We raise a glass to you and @goodsamcbs’s continued success tonight.