Space Force Uniform Creates A Stir: New Prototypes Straight Out Of Science Fiction 

space force uniform
space force uniform

People are vocal on the new uniform prototypes unveiled by the space operations chief this week. While some have called the space force uniform futuristic, others have called it an update of the double-breasted tunic. Everyone has an opinion on the striking uniform unveiled by General John Raymond.

Many have found the Space Force uniforms similar to those donned by officers of Battlestar Galactica, the classic science fiction series that still has a cult following. They pointed out the high collar, plus the asymmetrical row of angled buttons.

This uniform is a combination of dark blue jackets and gray pants. The delta, favored by the Service, has featured prominently on its buttons. People have pointed out its resemblance to the emblem of Starfleet, also from the series.

The Space Force Uniform Indicates The Force’s Standing As The USM’s 6th Branch

The 6 buttons in the Space Force uniform indicate its position as the US military’s 6th branch, clarified General Raymond. Two members of the force service, known as guardians, modeled the Space Force uniform. The event was held at the Air, Space, & Cyber Conference of the Air Force Association at Maryland’s National Harbor.

The General declared on Twitter that all winning teams deserved a uniform, which is still a prototype. Raymond said that changes will be made before the uniforms go for ‘wear-testing before they are adopted by the force. They will be then given to the guardians of the force.

The design for female officers was created first and then the male sample of the Space Force uniform was created, according to General Raymond. The Space Force uniforms that were unveiled are formal ‘service dresses.’ That is the equivalent of the military coat and tie. It is a stage below the dinner or the full and formal dress.

Some have found the uniform ‘over the top.’ They suggested that the Space Force uniform seems too constricting and formal.

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