Linda Evangelista Admits Being “Deformed” After Cosmetic Procedure

linda evangelista
linda evangelista

Linda Evangelista, the supermodel, has revealed that she was permanently deformed following a procedure to reduce fat. She had admittedly had a very adverse reaction to the procedure.

Linda Evangelista’s Tragic Life

Linda Evangelista, 56, said that she was the victim of a rare side effect in the cosmetic industry. The treatment had been performed 5 years ago. The procedure had resulted in the fat cells in her body increasing rather than decreasing. She took to Instagram and informed her 900,000 followers that she is now “unrecognizable” – the word used by the media to describe her.

Linda Evangelista clarified that this is why she had withdrawn from being in public. The model from Canada then said that she also had two corrective surgeries that were painful and unsuccessful, following the procedure for slimming. The original procedure is also called body contouring. However, the resulting effect was opposite to what was intended.

Linda Evangelista also explained that the experience has destroyed her livelihood. Along with that, she is now facing extreme self-loathing, deep depression, and profound sadness. Consequently, she has become extensively reclusive.

In her post on social media, Evangelista said that she publicized the story to get on in her life. She also indicated that the responsible company will be sued. The company named by Lisa has yet to comment on the matter,

Evangelista continued that she is fed up with living the way she is right now. She wants to hold her head high and walk out the door, although she does not look like herself anymore.

Linda Evangelista had become popular during the last decade of the last century. She was one among an emerging supermodel group who were gracing premium catwalks as well featuring on Vogue covers. Gwyneth Paltrow and Karla Welch, the stylist, have sent Lisa their support.