SpaceX Mars Rocket Explodes During Landing; FAA To Oversee Investigation


The SpaceX prototype rocket that was supposed to be the earlier versions of the model that would carry humans to Mars explodes in a terrible accident while landing this Tuesday, February 3rd. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is said to look into the matter more closely.

The official announcement of FAA’s involvement into the SpaceX crash-landing probe comes when they pushed for a delayed launch of the SpaceX. The destroyed Starship SN9 was launched for a test flight this Tuesday. This was a launch test to check its performance in higher altitudes. The prototype vehicle hovered in the atmosphere for a few moments before it flipped and started its descent and made a huge explosive landing.

SpaceX Crash Failure Investigation Method Still Unclear

An FAA Agency official stated in a press release that FAA’s top priority right now is to ensure that the operations are safe. They will be conducting research into any kind of anomaly that might have caused such an incident. They official body will be looking into any other reason that might have caused the launch failure of the SpaceX Starship SN9 prototype.

They further announced that the test flight was uncrewed. But there has been one fatality and several cases of serious injury associated with the launch failure. The FAA promises to look into the matter to avoid any such mishaps in the future.

The FAA did not respond to questions as to how the investigation of the SpaceX launch failure will be conducted. But FAA public documents mention that during such times the Office of Commercial Space Transportation may elect someone from the FAA to conduct the probe or authorize someone like the launch operator to take the investigation further under the FAA supervision.

The re-entry accident caused a total damage of $25,000, announced SpaceX early Wednesday, February 3.

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