Mitch McConnell Writes To Miguel Cardona, The Education Secretary

Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell

A letter was found by one of the news media that involves the minority leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell. As per the letter, there was a favor asked by the minority leader to Miguel Cardona, the secretary of Education. The content of the letter dealt with the curriculum of the schools of America. The minority leader had requested to do away with the currency curriculum. The reason that he stated was that it talked about the revisionist history with regard to the founding of the country.

Mitch Mcconnell Against The 1619 Project

According to the opinion of the 79-year-old Mitch McConnell, the curriculum that is currently being used does not do the intended service. Instead, it reorients the history of America in a way that is not at all intended. The curriculum includes the 1619 New York Times project. This project is the talk of the table among the conservative politicians of the country. So many politicians tried their best in order to include it in the history curriculum.

The department of education that works under the administration of President Joe Biden, has made the proposal of offering a bunch of grant programs to both the local schools as well as states. This would lead them to make use of various tools including the 1619 Project in classrooms. And Mitch McConnell wants this idea to be abandoned by the secretary of education.

The minority leader has stated some evidence in order to convince the people at the other end in his letter. It has been stated that some trained historians having diverse views on politics have pointed out several factual errors that are present in the project. Mitch McConnell has also quoted one of the historians carrying the same thought. 

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