Spike Lee Mourning The Death Of His Father Bill Lee

bill lee

They were the definition of a deadly father-son combo in the industry. Bill Lee has been supportive through and through towards his son Spike Lee. Many strongly believe if it wasn’t for Bill, Spike wouldn’t have come this far. He has helped his son earn an Oscar. However, almost 32 years ago they stopped their working relationship. Spike couldn’t get along with his father’s second wife. Which led to an incoherent feud. 

The musician left the world on Wednesday leaving a void in the industry. Spike has been affected by this. They together produced a lot of grand films, one of them was Do The Right Thing. In the early 90s, Bill was arrested for drug abuse. He became an addict after the fallout.

After 250 Live Performances, Bill Lee’s Last Performance Left Every Shattered Into Pieces

The jazz bassist and music composer Bill Lee died at 94 in Brooklyn. His son Spike Lee has confirmed the death of his father. Bill Lee has worked in several films for his son. Even her daughter was in four films by Spike Lee. They used to work together. In the 90s they had an argument which led them to separate and work individually.

In 1991 Bill Lee was arrested for heroin addiction. To get on his feet he supposedly asked for a loan from his son. Spike Lee definitely refused to provide any type of support. Bill Lee said at that time how the arrest played a huge role in his life. It opened his eyes. He further mentioned how he and Spike don’t talk anymore. He has nothing to do with him anymore. It led to his realization that drugs have nothing to do with life, rather people would likely remember someone by their work. Bill Lee was confident he has done some great work and will be remembered. He has worked with Bob Dylan, Harry Belafonte, Aretha Franklin, and many more.