Spike Lee Will Receive Lifetime Achievement Honors At DGA Awards 2022

spike lee
spike lee

The Director’s Guild of America has decided to award Spike Lee with the award for lifetime achievement in direction of motion pictures. The news of Lee being the recipient was announced by the group on the morning of Jan 19th.

A Rare And Esteemed Honor For Spike Lee

The DGA’s president, Lesli Linka Glatter said that Spike Lee is a visionary, trailblazer, and icon. There does not exist a single word that can completely describe the significance of Lee in the directing craft. She added the cinema’s face has been forever changed by Lee.

Lesli continued by saying that Spike Lee’s works have been innovative on multiple levels. The works mentioned were “Do the Right Thing”, “BlacKkKlansman”, as well as his signature shot – the ‘double dolly’. Lesli talked about how Lee’s passionate and bold storytelling during the previous thirty years has not only been entertaining but also a serious reflection of our culture and society.

The 74th DGA Annual Awards will be held on Mar 12th. Spike Lee will also be receiving his lifetime achievement honor on this day. The nominations for this year in the category for outstanding achievement in direction of feature films will be made public on January 27th. Nominations in the category of outstanding achievement in the direction of documentaries, commercials, and televisions will be made public on January 26th.

Glatter called Spike Lee as being a well-recognized name when it comes to commercial success as well as being independent film’s beating heart. The number of filmmakers who call refer to him as an inspiration and mentor is too many to count.

However, Spike Lee continues spending time teaching future generations about making their marks. The DGA award for lifetime achievement award has been given to only 35 directors. Ridley Scott was the latest honoree, in 2017.