Some States Have Arrived In The Stimulus Check Game

Tax season

The first stimulus check arrived during the lockdown in 2020. It was from the federal government. The amount was not huge still benefited billions. Citizens went crazy after losing their jobs. The checks were the only hope to hold onto to survive perhaps. That payment fell under the American rescue plan act. Payments were made in three different slots, at three different times. They didn’t issue it altogether. The last payment was in 2021 March. Last year states have issued their helping aid for the residents.

Some States Have Stimulus Check On The Table In 2023

Some states’ funds have dried up and some are still processing the whole thing. Last year a bunch of states issued stimulus checks. Some are behind the clock, however, it is coming. With the new budget, surplus governors have come up with a new type of check. 

California issued an inflation relief check last year before any other states including a relief check worth $1050 for the residents. Nearly 95% of checks were distributed last year. Those who are yet to receive it will be getting it sooner. The other 5% of checks were supposed to be issued by 15th January. 

The rebate stimulus check is worth $350 based on AGI. If an individual earns $250,000 to $500,000 they are eligible for this payment. Again in Colorado residents who have filed their 2021 taxes are likely to get their stimulus check worth $750  for single taxpayers. The couple who filed jointly will likely get $1500.

If you are an eligible taxpayer and still haven’t got your relief check, will get it by 30th September. Idaho arranged a special stimulus check for 2022 special rebates. The single taxpayer will get up to $300 and joint tax filers will likely get $600. South Carolina, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are also handing out stimulus checks.

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