Immigration Measure Chances Lowered In The US

Immigration Measures
Immigration Measures

New guidance was issued by the parliamentarian of the US Senate with regard to the immigration measure. Following that, it may not be possible for the senators of the Democratic Party to legalize the immigration measures in the United States of America. They are trying to do so by including the said provision in the bill that amounts to a total of 3.5 trillion USD. And the main agenda of the administration of Joe Biden, the President, is to expand the social safety net through the said bill. 

Immigration Measure- Opposing Factors

The Senate parliamentarian’s guidance was issued on the 19th of September that fell on a Sunday. One of the sources stated that the said decision was like a rebuke to the politicians of the Democratic Party. And it has also been stated that it is extremely tough to overrule or change the decision. One of the sources close to the Democratic Party stated that although the politicians would try their best to inculcate some immigration measures in the said bill, it is still going to be very difficult. The chances that remain are not very healthy. 

The efforts of the Democratic lawmakers to make the immigration measures a part of their bill is one among the last opportunities for them to bring about reforms in the beginning year of Joe Biden as the President. And they have faced a lot of opposition up until now. A meeting was held with Parliamentarian MacDonough in the first few weeks of September. Here, the senators from the Democratic Party communicated their idea of including the immigration provision in the economic bill that they had introduced. They stated that they were planning to provide green cards to a total of almost 8 million people. And this would have a tremendous impact on the economy of the country.