Stephen A. Smith Called “Uncle Tom” By Former NBA Player

stephen a. smith

Controversial critic Stephen A. Smith was called “Uncle Tom” by former NBA player Stephon Marbury after the former went on to critic Kyrie Irving. The ESPN pundit had gone on to state that Irving was probably one of the most delusional athletes in American history. To this, Marbury responded that Smith was one of the biggest Uncle Toms on the planet. This did spark up yet another debacle surrounding Smith, who went on to respond that Marbury had a problem with him since 2009 when they thought he was eating Vaseline like a bunch of cheeseburgers. 

Stephen A. Smith Gets Mixed Up In Twitter Feud With Marbury

Not only Stephen A. Smith, but several other media figures also have been pretty critical of Kyrie Irving, who missed out on most of the season due to not following the vaccine mandate of New York while playing for the Brooklyn Nets. Most of the critics also blamed the NBA star for being a major distraction for the team, who ended up losing to the Boston Celtics in the first-round playoff series. Irving, on his part, had been shooting his shot in the media regarding the latter’s attitude towards athletes- predominantly black athletes. 

Irving tweeted that he had sent major shots at the figures that were controlling the whole scenario behind the curtains, and not their stooges. Also, he believes that the puppets simply ran around society, while trying to gain any and all forms of popularity that came their way. But on the other hand, Irving’s name was a brand in itself to the media corporations, and people did know who he was, and what he meant with the tweet. The puppets- could include Stephen A. Smith, according to Kyrie Irving. 

Marbury also went on to state that he believed Stephen A. Smith had delusions of grandeur simply because he spoke the language loud and obnoxious on live Television.