Ethics Experts See Ginni Thomas’s Texts As An Ethical Issue

Justice Clarence Thomas
Justice Clarence Thomas

A series of messages from Justice Clarence Thomas’s activist wife that came into the possession of the January 6 Committee looking into the Capitol riots have raised a severe ethical storm. It has pointed to a blatant conflict-of-interest issue concerning Ginni Thomas and her husband.

It has been revealed that Ginni Thomas was actively involved in efforts to upend the presidential election results in 2020. CBS News and The Washington Post reported simultaneously that twenty-nine text messages were exchanged by Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife and Meadows. In it, she backed several legal lines of attack and urged him to disagree with the results of the 2020 elections. In her letters, she also asserted that Biden will lose the 2020 elections.

Ginni Thomas’s Letters Fawned On Trump And His Leadership

In one of her letters, she advised Meadows to help the ‘Great President’ stand steady. She also hailed him as the leader who was standing at the very end of the constitutional governance of America. She claimed that Joe Biden, in collusion with the left was attempting the ultimate heist in American history.

People were outraged at the text and tone of the letters and appalled that Justice Clarence Thomas has not recused himself despite being aware of a conflict of interest. They were also shocked that Clarence had sided with his wife’s position in numerous cases.

Senator Ron Wyden said that Judge Thomas’s conduct in the Supreme Court in response to Ginni Thomas’s shenanigans bordered on corruption. He was expected to stand down where even the hint of conflicting interests was indicated. He said that a person with even an iota of good judgment could have sensed that he was crossing the line.

Legal ethicists who had earlier held the view that the spouse of judges was allowed their views, said that Ginni Thomas’s case was a serious challenge for the judiciary.

There were of the view that people would be hard put to believe that a judge could be just when his spouse so strongly opposed the result of the presidential election and actively plotted to overturn it.

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