Steve Bannon Up For Trial Next Week, Says Federal Judge

Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon has made a request to postpone his trial for contempt of Congress. Unfortunately, his request was denied by the federal judge this Monday and stated that it will begin on 18th July. 

Carl Nichols, District Judge of the US, prevented Steve Bannon’s efforts on presenting some evidence related to the assumed assertions of privilege by Donald Trump, former US President. He also wanted to show proof that these internal documents can be considered contempt against Congress or not. 

Trial Of Steve Bannon On Time 

Nichols has been appointed by Trump and mentioned that Bannon’s evidence was left out that could have legally excused him. However, he can be allowed if he deliberately fails to conform to the subpoena as well as pleads not guilty. 

Steve Bannon and the other Trump advisors have been found guilty of having information on the possible links between the mob that started violence at the Capitol and the White House. Although Bannon was not an employee of the White House at that time, he did have executive privilege, as claimed by his own attorney. Bannon also failed to cooperate with the committee. 

Capitol Riot Links 

Federal prosecutors said the willingness of Bannon to testify in front of the House committee is the last effort that will not help him in any way. The prosecutors also stated in a filing on Monday that Bannon did not present any subpoenaed records. 

Bannon was asked to pay a $100,000 fine or a year of prison time by a grand jury for conducting two misdemeanors of contempt. His last-minute efforts are not going to protect or reduce his punishment since his conduct has been most illegal and potentially dangerous in nature. Nonetheless, he is still receiving protection and privilege from Trump’s office.

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