Lopez Obrador Meets Biden After Los Angeles Snub For The First Time

Lopez Obrador 
Lopez Obrador 

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexican President is going to meet Joe Biden, US President, for the very first time since they had issues related to Los Angeles. The meeting is going to take place at the White House. 

It is regarding the effort to find a common ground in order to release some tension on the bilateral agenda which has been a complex issue from the time Biden began his presidency. This relationship between Lopez Obrador and Biden is very different from the one the Mexican President shared with Donald Trump, former US President

Extended Hand From Lopez Obrador 

Lopez Obrador is soon going to attend the friendly invitation sent to him from the White House almost one month following the disregard shown by him to Biden. Obrador snubbed Biden during the Americas Summit that was held in Los Angeles. This summit was a rebellious meeting for the leaders of the tyrannical regimes across Latin America including Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, Cuba’s Miguel Diaz-Canel, and Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro. 

Lopez Obrador seemed to share a wonderful relationship with Trump despite the latter openly disrespecting Mexicans by calling them criminals, drug traffickers, and rapists. Trump also threatened the government of Mexico to prevent migration. 

Agenda Of Meeting 

Obrador’s administration announced that the top-most priority of their meeting with Biden is going to be migration cooperation as both nations are partners. The nations will also start the working of bilateral labor migration along with worker protections. This will help resolve migration issues and increase diplomatic coordination. 

Their administration might also announce actions jointly taken on improving their border infrastructure on Tuesday. The leaders will look into each other’s eyes and discuss these significant topics that will enhance a healthy relationship between both nations.