Jimmy Garoppolo Leads The Comeback For The 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo was the sole reason why the San Francisco 49ers were able to punch their way into the postseason, after some shocking performances. The team was left for dead at halftime much like they were at the halfway stage of the competition when their gutsy quarterback decided to scratch and claw their back from a 17 point deficit to catapult a 27-24 victory for the 49ers with the win coming in overtime against the Los Angeles Rams last Sunday. 

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Late Heroics Help 49ers Secure Postseason

Along with Jimmy Garoppolo, the kicker of the Niners Robbie Gould deserves mention for his 24-yard field goal with 2 minutes and 45 seconds left to go in OT, after which the defense of San Francisco held on for dear life for the win with the aid of the first match career interception from rookie cornerback Ambry Thomas.

Garoppolo, who played the match through a torn ligament in his right thumb stated that the guys in the team all played like a single unit, after which the defense stepped up, coupled with the rookie making that play to create an interception- things were finally falling into place. 

Although Jimmy Garoppolo was the difference between the teams, Cooper Kupp- the wide receiver for the Rams, ended up finishing the game with seven straight receptions for 118 yards, and a touchdown, but minutely fell short of setting a record for receiving years and receptions in a season. According to NFL stats, Kupp needed 136 receiving yards to break the record of Calvin Johnson’s 1,964 receiving yards which was set up 9 years ago. 

Not even the most earnest of San Francisco fans would have understood that the Niners needed plenty of late-game magic. And this was heralded by Jimmy Garoppolo, who threw an interception to Jalen Ramsey deep in the territory of Los Angeles, which led to the Niners taking a lead.