Stimulus Check: Claimers Are Being Scammed En Route To Mailboxes

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Stimulus check claimers have complained about their checks not reaching them at all. The criminals are getting smarter every day so the victim and the legal team have to be one step ahead. The criminals often used advanced technology to fool people, but the legal team got smarter than them. That caused them trouble which led them to go back to old techniques. They have opted for pen-and-paper scamming nowadays.

Stimulus Check Is Getting Vanished From The Mailbox

The IRS sends the checks to taxpayers’ mailboxes. They are definitely to receive them. Even after a certain point in time when they do not receive it. Keeping the stimulus check in the mailbox seems like the biggest mistake of all time. The scammers are stealing the keys of the mailboxes and later opening them to find out the checks. They even use string and sticky substances to unlock the mailboxes.

They are also removing the name of the claimers from the stimulus check and keeping the only signature. They are removing the name and amount. After the chemical, they are used to dry it up and put their amount on it. Then are depositing the checks at the bank and withdrawing the money.

Recently a new york city resident had a $235  check altered with $9001. The scammers are basically taking out the liquid money leaving the original account holder in pain and problems. The best way to protect oneself from stimulus checks being stolen is to pay taxes online. Leaving checks in the mailboxes would be the last thing one should do.

To sign your checks use gel pens that way it would make it more difficult for the scammers to remove them with chemicals. Ball pens ink can be removed easily. Perhaps opting for gel pens would be the best idea. Every account holder has been asked to keep an eye on their bank account on a regular basis rather than waiting for monthly status.