Stimulus Check: Refund Of 2021 Taxes Could Be Delayed For Filing Errors

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

There have been words that a minimum number of six million tax returns have been stuck since the year 2019 in Virginia Beach due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation and its backlog.

After this epidemic, the Internal Revenue Services, like other offices, have a shortage of staff, and these employees have to handle massive pressure due to a heavy influx of calls. In the views of some experts, the turnover time required for filing tax returns has been quick and brief for the current year. However, if two crucial questions are unanswered, this could delay the rescue for several months. 

As per the words of Melinda Wiedenheft, who is known for filing taxes for the last 38 years in Virginia Beach, people should check twice the number of stimulus checks one receives to avoid mistakes and make sure that the third stimulus check must be received by March 2021. The process of tax credit for children is also the same. 

Mistakes In Filing The Stimulus Check Can Make The Work Hectic

The stimulus check, as mentioned before, must match; otherwise, it causes huge issues which can result in errors. These errors are mainly responsible for the delay of the refund. According to Wiedenhoeft, during tax filing, if an individual checked the wrong box by mistake, he must fill it out again along with a paper in the form of 1040-X and mail it with the original return documents. The new application will take a minimum of four months to process as the IRS and another human being look into the error. Thus, it would be judicious and prudent to not wait for the 2020 return and file 2021 subsequently. Every year’s return is computerized and hence waiting is a wrong decision. Lastly, Wiedenhoeft said that all her client’s refunds have been coming in time, that is, within eight days.