Stimulus Checks Made Available In Cherokee Nation

stimulus check

One of the largest tribes belonging to the community of Native America, known as the Cherokee Nation,  claimed to provide stimulus checks to the citizens. During the debate for the next round of the relief bill, this took place that was to be given to the country’s citizens to provide them with financial aid. The debate was taken by the lawmakers. 

Stimulus Checks In California

As per the announcement made by the Cherokee Nation, the amount provided under the aid is 1000 USD. It has been stated that the money will be provided twice within the span of two years. The financial source of the stimulus check comes from the American Rescue Plan introduced by President Joe Biden. As per the rules, any state is free to use the funding allocated to them under the plan, as and when they like. The Cherokee Nation is not the only state that will be providing its citizens with financial support.

The state of California too made similar announcements. It was stated that the officials will provide a form of economic support to the citizens of the state. The name given to their stimulus check is “Golden State Stimulus 2.” The idea behind the economic support is Gavin Newsom, the state Governor. The proposal was given in the month of May.  

The lawmakers of California made the plan to approve the funding of a total of 5.2 billion USD. It was done to provide financial support to the ones having a very low income and unpaid rents. They also approved providing 500USD to those people who were living as illegal immigrants in the same state. According to the changes brought about in the “Child and Dependent Care Credit” for this year, the country’s working families will receive some extra money from the stimulus checks on hitting certain requirements.