Idris Elba And His Wife Sabrina Look Absolutely Stunning At The 2023 Gucci Fashion Show

Idris Elba
Idris Elba

At Milan Fashion Week, Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Dhowre exuded the power couple looks in spades.

The 50-year-old Luther actor was dressed in a highly fashionable turquoise suit, making him stick out from the throng.

Idris Elba, who has been predicted to be the future 007, paired a pristine white shirt with his colorful pants and jacket and added an extremely fantastic leather tie for some extra edge.

The celebrity kept things casual while on his feet by donning Gucci loafers and accessorized with a pretty flashy gold watch on his arm. The 33-year-old Sabrina also used leather in her striking ensemble, showing out in a midi dress with an arresting turquoise and red leather chevron motif.

Idris Elba And His Wife Were The Headturners

She cinched her waist with a matching leather belt and accessorized with a handbag with a gold clasp and lace-up white leather boot heels. With some huge sunglasses to protect her eyes from the cameras’ dazzling brightness, Sabrina looked as cool as could be.

She applied a glossy nude gloss on her lips for the ideal pout and cut her raven hair into a razor-sharp haircut.

Idris Elba resembled nothing like his well-known character John Luther in his stylish performance, and his trademark grey coat was nowhere to be found. However, when the eagerly anticipated film premieres, Luther fans will be able to satisfy their addiction once more very soon. Idris reprises his beloved detective position in Luther: The Fallen Sun for further crime-fighting.

Before the movie’s premiere in theatres in February and on Netflix in March, the streaming service disclosed that a “gruesome serial murderer is terrorizing London” in the fresh continuation of the story.