Justice Department Charges Federal Probe Against Representative George Santos 

George Santos
George Santos

Representative George Santos has been criminally charged by federal prosecutors with fabricating facts. The New York Representative is anticipated to appear before a federal court on Wednesday in eastern New York according to CNN. The Justice Department, FBI, and the Brooklyn US Attorney’s Office have all refused to comment. The alleged Representative’s layer too has refused to comment on the ongoing probe.

The precise character of the charges alleged was initially not determined, however, the public integrity prosecutors of the Justice Department in Washington and New York are closely monitoring claims of the Congressman’s misleading statements in his campaign finance filings, among other allegations.

Congressman Santos has been in inquiries by the House Ethics Committee and under numerous jurisdictions. According to CNN, on Tuesday, Santos’a spokesperson Naysa Woomer has consistently not answered journalists regarding the probe and she along with three other Santos staffers unanticipatedly left the Representative’s office with bags. The Congressman returned to New York and missed House votes on Tuesday as per reports. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has commented to CNN about looking into the charges. While some New York Republicans and Democrats have demanded Santos’s resignation from Congress. 

Numerous Allegations Brought Against Representative George Santos 

Representative Santos who was elected just a year ago, in his brief tenure in office, has been alleged to various claims. From lying about where he went to school, and stealing money allocated for a dying dog of an Iraq War veteran to the more serious accusation of misappropriating interest laws of federal conflict, being responsible for credit card fraud, and breaching campaign finance laws. Congressman George Santos though has denied the major allegations, however, has owned up to concealing his monetary status and where he went to school.

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