Stimulus Check: IRS Has Been Sending Checks Thoroughly

stimulus check

On Wednesday the IRS declared that it had sent around 2.3 million payments under the third stimulus check to most eligible Americans. Some of the stimulus payments also include most of the plus-up adjustments- especially those who are receiving far lesser money than they were eligible for previous checks. 

The latest payments have been construed under the US Rescue Program- providing around $1,400 to every single adult and child who is eligible. The IRS has already mentioned that it would be paying more than $169 million- with a total worth of $395 billion- culminating in a total valuation of $4.2 billion. 

Wait for a long time for your Stimulus Check

The latest stimulus check payments started hitting the bank accounts around March- although several people had to wait for multiple weeks or months to receive their checks. The delay is the result of the IRS prioritizing sending the payment slips to those who have already put in their tax returns for the last couple of years. This is also due to the IRS being able to confirm the eligibility of a citizen based on their annual income- whilst deciding where to mail the stimulus checks directly. 

However, there are also several others who have not filed their tax return or have continuously insisted on adjusting their payments- supplementing it through plus-up for their stimulus check. Among the payments meted out, almost 90,000 checks have been sent to those who have filed their tax returns recently- or who didn’t have the information that is necessary to issue money before the tax authorities. 

According to information sent out by the IRS, an additional 1.1 million payments have been registered recently- which will be used to make more additional adjustments for those who have been eligible for bigger checks for quite some time now. The eligibility now will be based on the 2020 tax return.