Love Is Blind Exposed Actress

love is blind

The Netflix series Love Is Blind is in its fourth season now. It has been running successfully since the beginning. Actress of the show Irina Solomonova has mistreated her colleagues perhaps. She expressed her regret for her behavior. Those people doesnt deserve to be treated that way. The way she did. She has great regret for her action. She posted her apology, not on Instagram.

Love Is Blind Got Kindness Blind

Irina Solomonova’s naive behavior made her do all the mean behavior with her co-stars in Love Is Blind. She is ashamed of her behavior. Recently she posted an apology note on Instagram, putting her heart out there. Expressing how sorry he is and seeking forgiveness.

Many believed Love Is Blind star got blinded by early success and fame. Irina Solomonova is 26 years old and already a famous star. She got the taste of early success and forgot to keep her feet on the ground perhaps.

A fan called out her that she was behaving like a ‘mean girl’ and a ‘bully’ on Love Is Blind, season four.

She did a sit-and-talk video to convey her apology to her fellow co-stars. She was sitting on the living room sofa and started her video with an explanation. She has apologized privately to her co-stars on Love Is Blind. She further added she has been watching how things have going on. She needed clear her head and jot down all her thoughts before responding.

She is sorry for the audience of Love Is Blind. They had to bear her naive and immature behavior. She could tell it was frustrating.

She is going through the process and regretting every moment of it. She mentioned Zack, Bliss, Amber, and Jackie. How she has wronged them. She made them vulnerable and shut them out without further explanation.

She expressed her gratitude for listening to that video and giving her a chance to correct them.