Stimulus Check New Update: Yesterday Was An Important Day In Congress

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

If you are expecting more stimulus check payments in the New Year, you should probably pay attention to this news about congress we have brought.

3rd January, 2023, Tuesday a new congress entered the house and sworn their oath. The newly elected members of the congress took their oath and republican party took over the rep House. However, the democrats are still majority in the senate.

However, the common public are more interested in if there will be anymore stimulus check payments as the new congress is now settled again. Well, if you are expecting more free money from the national government, there are some implications that you might get them in 2023.

Stimulus Check Payments From New Congress? What Is The Update?

The stimulus check payments when they were going out first received a major bipartisan support from both the parties from the senate and the congress. Both Repubs and Dems voted to make sure that these stimulus check payments reach the pockets of the common man.

However, as the things stands now, the consensus has eroded. Last time when Joe Biden signed the rescue plan for USA taxpayers into law, he only got the support from his party.

Back then, the democrats were controlling the house, so it hasn’t been much of a problem. However, now that the repubs retain control of the house, the situation is kind of a stalemate now.

Now that the Democrats are only a majority in the senate and lost the control of the house, chances of getting new stimulus check payments are low.

The likelihood that the Repub-controlled House of Reps would support a 4th stimulus check payments or perhaps even allow a measure permitting one to be put to a vote is extremely slim.