Stimulus Check Of $300 On Your Way If You Reside Here

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Millions of Americans are waiting for another stimulus check to be issued in 2022, but the chances of that happening is pretty low.

The last payment was sent to the people back in March 2021 and it has been over a year since the citizens received a financial boost from that type of stimulus check.

We still have some good news to look up to, as some states are taking this stimulus check related issues into their own hands.

A number of states have a surplus in their budgets, and rather than keep that money, they’re instead opting to share it with individual residents.

Delaware is one of them. And if you’re a resident of Delaware, there may be a $300 rebate check already on its way to you in the mail.

Delaware Offers The Aid Of Stimulus Checks

Delaware is sitting on a surplus of funds — $1 billion worth so state lawmakers have decided to distribute that money to residents individually to help them cover the rising cost of living.

The state is in the process of sending out $300 payments to residents. 

Those who filed a 2020 tax return are expected to receive a rebate check in the mail by May 31. Meanwhile, those who didn’t file a 2020 tax return still qualify for a $300 payday, but it may take longer to get those people their money.

There are an estimated 150,000 residents of the state who weren’t required to pay taxes in 2020 but are eligible for a $300 payday nonetheless. 

The state’s Department of Finance intends to identify those recipients through state databases, including the Division of Motor Vehicles. A website will also be created so eligible recipients can apply for a rebate check (the same way it was possible to register as a non-tax-filer for a federal stimulus check).