Dozen States Offering Stimulus Checks To Its Residents

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

There is little hope for Americans who are counting on another stimulus check in 2022.

It has been almost a year since the previous payment was made, back in March of 2021.

While it’s possible that you won’t get any additional federal stimulus check funding, your state may be willing to provide assistance. By mid-May, at least a dozen states were gearing up to increase the amount of money they were sending to their citizens.

Additionally, in 2022, residents of these states may be eligible for additional stimulus funding.

States Offering Stimulus Checks To Its Residents

1: California

Residents who met the requirements have already received two types of state stimulus checks from California, and more assistance may be on the way. Recently, Governor Newsom proposed a plan to provide prepaid debit cards to all California drivers in the amount of $400. The goal is to alleviate some of the financial burden that increasing petrol prices have placed on drivers, especially those in high-cost states like California.

2: Illinois

Additional stimulus check payments for Illinois residents this year are possible. The state’s Democrat legislators have suggested a new program that would provide families in the state $100 for each adult and $50 for each kid.

3: Idaho

In addition, residents of Idaho will get an additional financial boost in the form of a rebate check based on the taxes they paid in 2020.

4: Maine

A stimulus check from the state will shortly be sent out to people of Maine to assist them in coping with the higher prices of consumer items that have been brought on by inflation. Beginning in June, qualified citizens of Maine will begin to receive these relief checks, which have a maximum value of $850 each and will be sent to them.

5: New Mexico

In addition, residents of New Mexico may be qualified to receive a one-time tax refund of up to $500 in this year’s filing season.

6: Indiana

Another payment designed to stimulate the economy will be provided to citizens of Indiana, this one with a maximum value of $125 for an adult living alone and $250 for a married couple.

7: Georgia

Residents of Georgia who meet certain requirements may soon qualify to receive a one-time tax refund from the state of Georgia up to the amount of $500. This money, which is being supplied by a surplus in the state budget, is intended to assist citizens who are having a difficult time as a result of inflation.

8: New Jersey

Tens of thousands of low-income taxpayers in the state of New Jersey who filed their taxes using a TIN rather than a SS number may soon receive $500 in the form of stimulus check from the state of New Jersey.

9: Virginia

The proposed payments would be sent in the form of a tax refund, later on, this year and would have a maximum value of $300 for single filers and a maximum value of $600 for married couples filing jointly.

10: New York

Residents of New York with low to moderate incomes who meet the requirements will be eligible for a property tax relief credit that is based on a percentage. Residents of New York who live in areas outside than New York City will be eligible for a credit with an average value of roughly $970.

11: Hawaii

The governor of Hawaii has recommended a refund of one hundred dollars to be given to all state taxpayers and any dependents of those taxpayers. In the end, this tax refund was passed into law, but not before legislators boosted the limit to $300 per person for Hawaii taxpayers whose annual income is less than $100,000.

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