Stimulus Check Update- Oregon To Issue Payments

Stimulus Check
Stimulus check

Nearly 250,000 low-income households in Oregon will be receiving a one-time stimulus check payment of $600 from the state government.

The payments will start getting issued this week due to a law passed by the legislature in the state in the early part of the year. The Department of Revenue of the state also announced on Wednesday that the distribution of the money would be done through direct deposit or checks and it could begin this week. As it stands, everyone should be receiving their money by the 1st of July. 

Oregon To Issue Stimulus Check Payments

More than 200,000 families will be receiving this payment. To qualify, a single member of the household must have received the Oregon Earned Income Tax Credit on their tax filing for 2020- and have also lived in the state for at least the latter half of 2020. The sum of $600 will not be held subject to either state or federal income tax. The total amount for the one-time assistance has come to a sum of $141.8 million.

This stimulus check payment bill was passed by the House and the Senate of the state with bipartisan support. It was also introduced as one of the means of supporting the low-income Oregonians who previously helped the state function during the first year of the pandemic by working under precarious conditions. As it stands, the lawmakers of Oregon are quite far from being the first elected officials that authorized the payments for the people.

This measure has come up after a large section of the population across the country already received quite a few rounds of the stimulus check payment while the coronavirus pandemic was ongoing. In December, Reuters went on to find that around 16 cities and counties were giving no-strings-attached payments to most the low-income people. 

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