Jonah Hill Addresses Feud With Baby Yoda

Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill is one of the most versatile actors in America. Hill is well known for his unique acting style. He has received a number of accolades for his acting skills. 

However, recent rumors stated that the star was having issues with Baby Yoda. These stories seem to have made the actor very much frustrated. He decided to come out in public and address the issue. Hill cleared the air about their supposed feud recently. 

He stated that there was no love lost between the two. Hill took to Instagram and uploaded an elaborated post about the ongoing rumors. The actor clarified that he did not have anything against Baby Yoda. He also mentioned that both of them were on good talking terms. 

They exchanged text messages at least once a week. Hill in a recently conducted interview stated his point of view about fantasy movies. The actor said that he was not very keen on watching fantasy stories. He also disclosed that Leonardo Di Caprio made him watch “The Mandalorian” forcefully. 

Hill commented that Baby Yoda looked cute in the movie but he did not like it. This comment made the rumors go wild. Everyone was talking about the possible rift between the two. Let us learn more about what Jonah Hill had to say in detail below. 

Jonah Hill Is Friends With Baby Yoda 

Jonah Hill seemed angry at the media for misinterpreting his words. He accused the media of trying to create a barrier between the two of them. 

Hill clearly said that both the stars did not have any sort of problem between them. Hill asked the media to provide them with their private space. He also requested them to refrain from spreading fake rumors. 

Jonah Hill’s friends found the whole situation hilarious. They took to his comment section and posted sarcastic comments. Natasha Lyonne jokingly accused Hill of having a stranded relationship with Baby Yoda. 


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