Stimulus Check: Another Payment Not Included In The 4th Check

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The White House and a selected group of Senators have finally agreed on the stimulus check variants in the new bipartisan infrastructure bill. Accordingly, the negotiations had fallen apart after a series of talks collapsed between the White House and the Republicans regarding the American Jobs Plan of President Biden.

One of the biggest features of the bill would be yet another round of stimulus payment. However, there have been quite a few economic indicators like reduced consumer spending as well as personalized income at the national level since March. This has led to several lawmakers pushing for yet another payment. 

Why Was A Stimulus Check Not Included In The Package?

Most of the senators who had previously agreed to work in harmony to promote national goodwill went against the trillion-dollar plan of the President that spread the term infrastructure to include social aspects.

The features ranged from higher wages for those stranded in the care economy to making a historic investment in the fight against climate change. While there have been several investments that have the approval of the public on the Democratic side, they didn’t gain many supporters in the Republican caucus. 

Also, several reports have stated that Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, has stated that his party would never support a bill that would condone an increase in the rate of corporate tax to cover the new spending for the stimulus check. 

The current proposal is the brainchild of Senator Susan Collins and is focused on major investments in infrastructure which would include rebuilding bridges and roads. Since most of the bipartisan Senators have been interested in much more specific legislation of stimulus check, they managed to leave out benefits that would be sent out to families and workers, 

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