Whip John Thune Predicts Imminent Bill For The Riots In The Senate

whip john thune

On Monday, Whip John Thune, of the minority in the Senate, predicted that a bill will be passed by his chamber. The bill will seek to create a commission of bipartisan nature which will probe the attack on 6th January.

Whip John Thune Goes Against Major GOP Leaders

The senator further continued that the commission will focus only on the events that happened at Capitol Hill. The stance was a marked difference from other leaders of the GOP who want extremism in the left-wing to be investigated too.

However, Whip John Thune, a Republican from South Dakota, said that he expects the bill that will create the probe will have no problems being passed in the Senate. So he assumes that it will be done in some way in some time. Thune was also not against focusing the probe only on the 6th January attack. He believes that its principal focus should be the incidents of the sixth.

The bill is expected to be passed by the House this week. It will require a commission of bipartisan members to report the findings by the end of the year. It will examine both the Capitol attack as well as factors that had influenced it from behind.

However, not all leaders of the Republicans think the same as Whip John Thune. Senator John Cornyn said that there is no point keeping their hands tied if they found something else. Cornyn is a Republican from Texas and a leading member. He said that he would find it surprising if the 6th January attack was planned on just that day. On factors that influenced the incident, Cornyn was also skeptical. He asked if the commission cannot just follow wherever the evidence leads them.

Senator Roy Blunt presented even more resistance to this idea of the commission. He firmly believes that there is nothing more to find in Washington about the attacks.