Climate Threats Increasing Alarmingly

Climate Threat
Climate Threat

Climate threats are one of the most common problems faced in today’s world. As the world is advancing rapidly, the environment is facing its consequences. Technological advancements have caused serious problems to nature. Deforestation is one of the key contributors to climate change. Tons of greenery are being cut down to build factories and residences. 

This, in turn, is impacting the balance of the ecosystem. Lack of green cover will mean more soil erosion. Trees are also responsible for soaking in the harmful gases of the atmosphere. Cars & factories emit a large number of toxic gases every day. These gases go up in the atmosphere and form an impenetrable layer. This is known as the greenhouse effect. 

The Greenhouse effect is one of the key reasons for global warming. The US administration seems to take note of all the climate threats around them. Let us take a detailed look at the major threats below.

Climate Threat: the US Lists Major Threats 

The United States of America has experienced a series of brutal weather changes. This has made the government concerned about environmental safety. The administration of Joe Biden has ordered a listing that states the major threats in the upcoming days. The list will help the government assess the threats and give them time to structure ways to cope with them. 

According to the list, the most affected areas are agriculture and transportation. Sudden changes in temperature, flash floods, water logging cause heavy damage to the crops. The transportation system is also affected largely by an unannounced climate threat. The climate hampers a host of other activities like Defense, Homeland security, Energy & Commerce. The environmental policy was the main focus of Joe Biden. He started working on it as soon as he took charge of the House.