Jordan Poole Reveals Perfect Nickname

jordan poole
jordan poole

Jordan Poole‘s meteoric climb to prominence in season three with the Golden State Warriors has earned him a moniker despite playing on a team that already has the sport’s most ingenious moniker, the Splash Brothers (Steph Curry and Klay Thompson).

Warriors supporters have a phrase for when he goes off, and it’s right up there with “Curry frenzy” and “Game 6 Klay”: Jordan Poole Party. But what should his formal moniker be?

On Tuesday, Poole said, “I’ve heard some pretty nice ones.” “Kid Splash is awesome,” one would say.

Jordan Poole As Kid Splash

The Splash Brothers and Kid Splash. Absolutely perfect!

On draught night in 2019, the Warriors picked Jordan Poole with the No. 28 selection, and the moniker “Splash Nephew” began to circulate. Poole, who spent his first two years in the league between the NBA and the G League, acquired his moniker by leading Golden State’s offence all season long in 2020-21.

He felt competent, and had two very excellent athletes with him who he wanted to learn from, Poole said, referring to the “Splash Nephew, Splash Kid, Splash Brother” phenomenon. To paraphrase, “I simply had a pretty good sense that it would proceed in the correct path.”

Having future Hall of Famers like Curry and Klay Thompson as teammates makes it simple to develop a strong sense of intuition.

Following in their footsteps and gaining knowledge from them is “really cool,” Poole added. “The presence of those two individuals in front of and behind me gives me confidence that I can make a difference. It seemed inevitable to me, like it was only a matter of time until it really did occur. It’s a unique and exciting experience to be a part of, however.”

It will be a family affair when the Golden State Warriors take the court against the Celtics in Game Three of the NBA Finals.

Young Splash and His Siblings, the Splash Bros.