Direct Stimulus Check Worth $500 For Minneapolis Residents

stimulus check

Residents in the state of Minneapolis will be provided with a direct stimulus check worth $ 500 under a program of guaranteed income. The program of Minneapolis Guaranteed Income Pilot, which was initiated in June of 2022, will dispense this stimulus check to hundreds of eligible residents from June 20 onwards. The program is presently being assessed by Minneapolis’s Federal Reserve Bank as stated by the project manager of the program. This  stimulus payment will be sent out directly on a monthly basis through next year. 

To qualify for this stimulus payment, the claimants must be an adult or have turned 18 years of age by January 1 of 2022. The applicant must reside in the city’s designated zip codes. This program requires the applicants to have an annual earning which is below or at the average income of Minneapolis. The applicants are further required to be previously negatively affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, for which, they have lost their occupations, lost child care access or faced difficulty affording expensive health services. 

Who Is Receiving This Stimulus Check?

According to the census, of the recipients of the Minneapolis stimulus check, 80.5% of all recipients are either people of color, indigenous people or are blacks. While 19.5% of the recipients are either from the non-Hispanic population or are whites. This stimulus check under the program primarily focuses on women, who comprise 69% of the total recipients.

This welfare program is providing payments to one-third of households with single members. Of the total number of recipients, 42.5% comprise the age group, ranging from 30 to 39 years of age. Similar stimulus payments are being provided by multiple other states including Idaho, New Mexico, Illinois and many others, to revive the economy, as inflation has resulted in the high cost of commodities and housing.