Stimulus Check Update: Thousands of Surprise Stimulus

Social Security Rental Assistance Program
Rental Assistance Program

A fourth stimulus check is eagerly anticipated by many Americans, especially given the rising inflation rate.

However, states are coming up to support their inhabitants while the national govt has opted not to provide assistance for individuals who are dealing with the pandemic’s lingering impacts.

This month, a surprise stimulus check distribution is being made to a second state. These payments can be valued at up to $1,657.50 in total. And this month, 361,042 qualified recipients will get the money.

Stimulus Check: Here’s Who Is Going To Get A Payment

Some Pennsylvanians will receive the unexpected stimulus funding. Governor Tom Wolf made the first announcement about this in August.

“Older Pennsylvanians and Pennsylvanians with impairments who are eligible for a rebate on lease or property tax collected in 2021 will be earning even more compensation this year than they anticipated,” the governor’s office announced in a press release.

Residents in Pennsylvania who were given the go-ahead for a property tax or rent rebate in 2021 will receive this money. A one-time incentive, the new payment will match up to 70% of the initial rebate that qualified persons received in 2021. Therefore, the maximum payment this time will be $1,657.50. These one-time bonus stimulus checks will be paid using money from the federal funding Pennsylvania received as a result of the American Rescue Plan Act. That was the final significant COVID-19 relief measure to be enacted at the federal level.

In a news statement, Wolf said: “I am delighted that extra rebates are starting to trickle out to Pennsylvanians who need it this week.” “An additional Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program payout this year will be a game changer for older folks in particular, who are typically on a limited income. Senior citizens and others with disabilities in Pennsylvania will benefit from these additional rebates by staying in their homes.

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