Amateur Codebreakers Finally Solve Cipher Of Zodiac Killer

Zodiac Killer
Zodiac Killer

After over 50 years since the Zodiac Killer began terrorizing Northern California streets, a team of code-breakers finally solved one of his coded messages that were sent in 1969 to the S.Francisco Chronicle. The message of the Zodiac Killer called ‘340 cipher’ was solved by a code breaking team of three people – Van Eyck, computer programmer, Sam Blake, Australian mathematician, and David Oranchak, software developer, Virginia.

The Decoded Message By Zodiac Killer

The message found by decoding the cipher was delivered without punctuation in capital letters, it also included the word paradise which was misspelled. The Zodiac Killer was hopeful that they were having a lot of fun in catching him, how it wasn’t him on the show on TV and how he is not afraid of the gas chamber as it will only send him to paradise sooner. The Zodiac Killer also talked about how he has enough slaves working for him in paradise and that is why he does not fear death.

He believed that his life in paradise will be a very easy one. The show on TV mentioned in the message referred to ‘The Jim Dunbar Show’ which was a talk show in the Bay Area. The coded message was delivered 14 days after one person who claimed to be the Zodiac Killer was called on the show.

After decoding the message, Oranchak was shocked because he gave up on the idea of not failing to decode the cipher. When Oranchak first started, he got excited whenever he found some words that hinted towards false positives. They even gave up on the idea that there was a message. Zodiac Killer was known for committing 5 unsolved murders in 1968-69. Nobody caught him but he became popular by penning letters to local media and the police until 1974. Oranchak is hopeless that they could ever be able to solve the remaining two ciphers he left them.