CMA Summer Jam 2021 Details Out Now

CMA Summer Jam
CMA Summer Jam

Since the weekend of Labor Day is coming up, the CMA Summer Jam tonight would be the unofficial farewell of the country for the season. And interestingly, Darius Rucker will be bringing in the beer. Regarding his latest No. 1 hit, Rucker stated he had written a song with a couple of his friends the previous year which seemed perfect for the situation.

Also, he was planning to have fun and bring in the ambiance for the rest. He announced that his hit song was all about things getting back to normal while remembering that there were still great things around that are not complicated at all.

Stars Gearing Towards CMA Summer Jam 

Luke Combs, on his part, has a completely different take on sharing drinks with the crowd at the CMA Summer Jam. He stated that it would be a high-energy affair and he would definitely be bringing his friend Jimmie Allen- which could get really exciting. He might also sing for his fans which would definitely make the situation even better. Combs mentioned that he would be looking towards this energy. As it stands, the farewell event will feature a lot of beer, a lot of drinks, and maybe pouring drinks on others as well. 

The CMA Summer Jam has always played host to the biggest stars in the country music sector- with Eric Church who has been the entertainer of the year gearing towards getting on stage. He clarified that he had been looking towards birthday party gigs, as well as anybody who would hire a country guy in sunglasses to play music. 

Nonetheless, Eric Church isn’t averse to playing anywhere. For true musicians, it is all about the love of music- and no one could wait to get back out there. The CMA Summer Jam would take place at 8 pm ET on ABC prime time.