Stimulus Check Update- 5 States Could Be Issuing Their Last Round Of Payments

stimulus checks
Stimulus Checks

Since American citizens have been dealing with the lasting impacts of inflation, one can’t send stimulus check payments fast enough.

Nevertheless, there have been quite a few states that have picked up the slack from the federal government and have been sending payments. Despite the payments, the financial struggle is quite real, and almost half of the states in the country have already come together to help the residents get back on their feet. Using billions of dollars in relief funds, most of the states have already lasered in on the citizens who would benefit most from the help. Some of the states, interestingly, haven’t yet issued their payments, but would in the following weeks.

Stimulus Check Payments In A Few More States

In the state of New Jersey, the state leaders have decided to focus on the rebates based on income. By the 23rd of May, homeowners who earn up to a sum of $150,000 will be expecting a stimulus check payment of $1,500, and those who have earned between $150,000 and $250,000, will have an extra sum of $1,000 to look forward to.

The renters in the state who do earn less than this will be receiving $450. In New Mexico, single tax filers can easily expect to receive a sum of $500, while heads of households, married couples, and surviving couples are due a sum of $1,000. Households will be putting up these funds towards anything- from building an emergency fund to making a rent payment.

In the state of South Carolina, residents who filed their tax returns between the 18th of October 2022 and the 15th of February, 2023 will be deemed eligible for a tax refund check of around $800. The state has not yet released the date when these payments will be released.