George P Bush To Run For Attorney General’s Office

George P Bush
George P Bush

George P Bush, the Land Commissioner of the state of Texas, made an important announcement with regard to his political career. It was announced that he would go for the election of the Texas attorney general. He went to set up a GOP shutdown. He attacked Ken Paxton, the most high-profile attorney general from the Republican party, in his campaign. George P Bush stated to his supporters in the city of Austin that he would be fighting the election as a Republican. The announcement came this Wednesday.

George P Bush, The Texas Republican Party Future?

The Texas land commissioner had a lot to say about Ken Paxton. Currently, Paxton is under incitement for the case of securities fraud. He also stands accused of abusing his power and for that matter, he is under investigation by the FBI. George P Bush claimed that Paxton and his scandals were too much to take. He also added that Paxton failed to serve the office of the Texas attorney general with integrity.

The 45-year-old Bush is the son of Jeb Bush, the former Governor of the state of Florida. Jeb Bush served for two terms. He is also the nephew of George W. Bush, the former President of the United States of America which makes him the grandson of another former President, late George H.W Bush. 

George P Bush is appearing in public as one of the supporters of former President Donald Trump even though everybody is aware of the fact that the relationship of Trump and the entire family of Bush is not free of bumps. The supporters of George seemed to be quite happy about his decision. He was stated to be the future of the Republican party in the state. They also spoke about his support for former President Donald Trump.