Stimulus Check Update- Governor Wolf Pushing For Payments Worth $2,000

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, has been calling on the General Assembly of the state to pass legislation for another stimulus check plan. This would fall under the American Rescue Plan Act– which had a funding of $500 million. Accordingly, this payment would be issuing a sum of $2,000 checks to the citizens of the state.

In a news release, the Governor mentioned that the citizens of the state do not need to suffer between paying for utilities and gas. Since the state does seem to have the opportunity along with the means to ensure that they are not entirely struggling, they could ensure their success. In fact, he would be asking the General Assembly to start uniting across aisles on this.

Pennsylvania Governor To Propose Stimulus Check Payments

Even though the proposal for a stimulus check plan by Wolf has a worth of $1.7 billion, his office did state that the state was sitting on around $2 billion in federal ARPA dollars that currently remain without any plan. The money, if unused, would have to be sent back to the federal government by the 31st of December, 2024. The office of Tom Wolf stated the previous week that the Democratic leaders in the Senate, as well as the House, were already committed to introducing these bills in order to support the Opportunity Program of Wolf.

The stimulus check program would be using around $500 million ARPA dollars that would provide direct payments of around $2,000 for Pennsylvania households with an income of under $80,000 or less. 

This stimulus check program would be aimed at helping families that are still recovering economically from the pandemic or support them with covering pandemic-related costs- while managing the everyday increasing cost of living.