Stimulus Check Update: Can SSP Recipients Receive The Fourth Check?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

As it is widely known, the federal government did do a good job by granting billions in stimulus check aid relief for multiple families across the country. The Biden administration then went on to break multiple records in job generation along with holding outstanding figures while recovering the economy from the deficit that it landed under the previous government. Even when a few governors like Greg Abbot have been trying their best to undermine as well as increase the problems of inflation by delaying the supply chain in the south, legislation across the federal structures has been looking for another stimulus payment.

Stimulus Check Plans- A Fourth Payment In The Works?


Most Americans are able to feel the high prices at major grocery stores and at the gas pump- despite the prices of oil falling down drastically. The fourth stimulus check payment could be way lower than the relief that was previously granted by the Biden administration. But, the target seems to be pretty simple- ensuring that the inflation didn’t majorly hamper the standard of living of the American populace. Most experts are of the idea that Americans who usually live from one paycheck to the other would need major relief efforts in order to come out of inflation. 

Kelly from JPMorgan Funds recently mentioned that the IRS had reported that the stimulus check payments had a net payment of around $15 billion every month, and their sudden cessation could readily stop the booming spending on food and other household necessities. However, the administration doesn’t seem to be too keen on a new stimulus payment. The main reason behind this could be that the inflation was a direct result of the explosion of demand that was driven specifically by a federal stimulus. 

Yet, it is quite crucial to note that several local governments have their own stimulus check plans in place.